• Recenty, as some of may have noticed, the site wasn't available and only a screen showing the site had been disabled was present. This was due to using too many resources on our server. We had used several terabytes of bandwidth in a relatively short amount of time. Most of this was due to video uploads.

    In order to keep costs down and keep the site running, going forward we ask that you upload videos you would like to share with your fellow dreamers onto a file hosting service and post the link in whichever thread you want to share it in. There are a great many file hosting services that will fill the need.

    Any site on this list, Supported Sites, does not require you to do anything special other than copy the url at that site, and paste it here. All major media sites are supported at Dreamcap and all you need to do is post the url for what you are wanting to share. Here is an example:


    You only need to use a file hosting service if you have created a clip that you'd like to share from a movie, tv show, ect that isn't currently hosted on major media sites. This is an attempt to keep bandwidth down and the site running smoothly into the future.

    Unfortunately this is necessary at this time. If things change later, we will inform via board notice.

    If you need help with how to use a file host, please visit the Help and Support forum here at Dreamcap and create a post that you need help. Tell us which file hosting service you are using. We will help however we can.

    Free File Hosting Sites

    You may dismiss this message by clicking the X on the top right corner of this notice.

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